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Greek keyboard?
by Mike Bilton - Sunday, 24 October 2010, 07:42 PM
  OK so I'm going to install the Greek fonts. Now what I'm curious about is the keyboard.

When I've used PC's in other non English speaking countries which still use a Roman alphabet (eg France. Spain etc) the letters can be on different parts of the keyboard. So where are my Greek letters going to appear?

In the case of my above example I've been know to frantically search the keyboard before finding my letter in a different place. However, in this case I have a English UK/US keyboard without any Greek letters on the keys. I have visions of randomly pressing keys trying to find a letter! Maybe thats what I'm supposed to do? or is there some vague logic such as "G" revealing "Gamma"?

Maybe its a moot point since I doubt I'll be speed typing Greek anytime soon LOL!


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Re: Greek keyboard?
by Greg Brush - Monday, 25 October 2010, 11:50 AM
See my reply to "Greek and English keyboard the same?" along with its three associated referrals, all in the Font/keyboard questions Forum in Greek 101.

Greg Brush