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Thank you
by Guest User - Monday, 21 March 2011, 07:18 AM
  I am compelled to write here how much I appreciate this gift you have made to the public.

To have a script, recording and such thorough (if gently condescending!) treatment of grammar and nuances is something I would never have expected to find on the internet or anywhere else.

O Kyrios Petridis made a fine, and in my experience unmatched introduction to the Greek language (or any other) and I would like to shake his hand.
Besides this however, by providing the script and the ability to hear the recordings at any time, you have made the course more effective than he could have managed, and this I thank you for.

I am only at lesson 54, but I assure you I will finish the rest within the next two months, and every word, expression and inflection is well established in my memory.

I do not participate in the discussions, but felt I must show some appreciation here, and I am sorry I am unable to donate, you have done a wonderful thing for admirers of Ellen.