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Re: Already - ήδη - not in GFO
by jean isma - Sunday, 4 September 2011, 11:42 PM
thanks for confirming that my memory still serves me well and for helping me in distinguishing that ήδη is an adverb of time.
I do realise that we shouldn't expect LGO to include everything of the modern language, taken it was written 45 years ago and, as for any course, there was a finite duration for it.

I am ever grateful for everything I've learnt from the LGO and from your input, and how that motivated me to go further, no questions about that.

You've already done a great job with your FYIs and extended replies to questions asked, giving extra info as you saw fit to the relevance of the lessons.

I wonder, however, if there could be a way to organize all the common adjectives/adverbs/verbs that may have been left out, which you, other students and I may come to think about, like my example and your two other ones in here.

I leave this one to your good judgement, if it would be worthwhile, and how to implement that or not.