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Starting course
by Lynne Whittaker - Sunday, 4 December 2011, 04:01 PM
  I am a complete language novice. Do I need to get the book mentioned prior to commencing on the course. Also someone posted he could not get audio on Windows 7. I have a notepad with Windows 7 starter which I had hoped to use. Will I be able to or will I have to use my old laptop with xp?
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Re: Starting course
by Greg Brush - Thursday, 8 December 2011, 10:57 AM
  a) You do not need the book for the course. The book (Vol. 1) has only the scripts of Audio Lessons 1-35, which have already been transcribed in the corresponding Lesson Notes.

b) If you have problems playing the audio with Real Player under Win7 Starter, try using VLC Media Player, available for free download at:
or use the streaming Flash versions available on the Cyprus Broadcasting Corp. (CyBC) site at:

If you elect to use CyBC's Flash versions, my recommendation is to install and use Google's Chrome browser, because you will not have to install Adobe's Flash Player if you use Chrome... you will have to if you use Internet Explorer or Firefox as your browser.

Greg Brush