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Re: Akut - accent - η οξεια
by Greg Brush - Saturday, 23 August 2014, 03:07 PM
  The Symbol font does not allow accents -- it has only the Greek alphabet letters and is not intended for writing Modern Greek.

I assume that you're using some version of Windows. To type an accented character in Modern Greek:
1) make sure that you have Greek keyboard support installed. Look in the "Greek font/keyboard questions" Forum in Beginning 101 to see how to do this for your version of Windows.
2) switch keyboard input to Greek (EL)
3) you'll need to use a font that supports Modern Greek accent marks. Personally I use Times New Roman or Arial depending on my need, but once you have Greek keyboard support installed, almost any other Windows font (other than Symbol and the decorative fonts like Wingdings) is capable of producing the Modern Greek accent mark.
4) To type an accented letter, press the ; key, then the desired vowel. Windows will then create a "composed" character with the accent:
ά έ ή ί ό ύ ώ
(The ; key is based on how to do this on an English physical keyboard; if you are using a German physical keyboard, the "compose" key may be something other than the ; key. If you find that your keyboard uses some other "compose" key, please let us know.)

For more about this topic, take a look in the "Greek font/keyboard questions" Forum in Elementary 101, where these kind of questions have been asked and answered.

Greg Brush