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by Greg Brush - Saturday, 27 September 2014, 10:34 PM
  τρώγοντας, "eating", is not a passive verbform, it is the invariable demotic present active participle of the verb τρώγω (L35) / τρώω (L37), I eat:
Οι νυχτερίδες κρέμονται από ένα κλαδί τρώγοντας καρπούζι. = The bats hang (-or- are hanging) from a branch [in the ongoing act of] eating watermelon.

In the Modern language, these present active participles function as an additional adverbial clause of manner describing the action of the main verb. In this instance the participial phrase τρώγωντας καρπούζι answers the question "In what manner do they hang?" Answer: eating watermelon while they hang.

See my reply to "Δώσε τους νερό." in Discussion Forum 52 which includes an example of a demotic present active participle, and "FYI: άκουγα (past continuous of ακούω)" in Discussion Forum 73 for a specific mention of the present active participle τρώγοντας.

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