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Re: Help with translation (Elysian FIelds)
by Greg Brush - Sunday, 28 February 2016, 11:29 AM
  Ancient αναμεταξύ is essentially equivalent to μεταξύ (between, among; meanwhile), while demotic στα indicates either position (in, at, on) or motion (to).

So if you want to express "among", μεταξύ or αναμεταξύ (both followed by the genitive case) is a somewhat formal way to say it:
περπάτησα μεταξύ (or αναμεταξύ) των Ηλύσιων Πεδίων.

A more colloquial, demotic way would be μέσα σε or ανάμεσα σε, both followed by the accusative case:
περπάτησα μέσα στα (or ανάμεσα στα) Ηλύσια Πεδία.

Greg Brush