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Re: 31 indeclinable nouns
by TImon Rossolimos - Monday, 4 April 2016, 08:45 AM
  I enjoyed the list of French words you added in the list Greg...

I thought of doing a little project and finding as many French words I can relate to Greek to help reinforce the word in my medium-term (hopefully long-term memory).

Please let me know if you can think of any more Greek words with the similar French word. ...

You'll read them as
Number, English, Greek, French

1 Accelerator γκάζι gaz
2 Accessory αξεσουάρ accessoire
3 Bathtub μπάνιο baignoire
4 Beach πλαζ Plage
5 billboard πανό panneau
6 Boot μπότα botte
7 Boutique μπουτίκ boutique
8 Bra σουτιέν soutien
9 Camouflage καμουφλάζ
10 Chic σικ chic
11 Coffee καφές café
12 Cognac κονιάκ cognac
13 Coupon κουπόνι coupon
14 Day-off ρεπό Repos
15 Elevator ασανσέρ ascenseur
16 Elite ελίτ élite
17 Fashion μόδα mode
18 Garage γκαράζ garage
19 Influenza γρίπη grippe
20 Make-up μακιγιάζ maquillage
21 Pen στυλό stylo
22 Penthouse ρετιρέ retiré
23 Pineapple ανανάς ananas
24 Problem πρόβλημα problème
25 Season σαιζόν saison
26 Shower ντους douche
27 Stage Fright τρακ trac
28 subway μετρό métro
29 Trouser παντελόνι pantalon
30 Trunk (Car) πορτμπαγκάζ Porte-bagage
31 Whipped cream σαντιγί Chantilly
32 Windscreen παρμπρίζ pare-brise
33 Zipper φερμουάρ fermoir

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