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Re: spell checker and translator
by Guest User - Tuesday, 6 February 2007, 04:18 PM
  High Judith
1) Sorry for not answering before, I was not around for a while.
I did successfully install an "old" Word 2000 Greek spell checker and thesaurus tool on my XP SP2 machine with office 2003, just following the normal procedure. It works fine.

2) A good alternative to buying Microsoft Proofing tools (many languages, including Greek, but about 100 EUR) if you are looking for only a Greek spell checker can be found from www.neurolingo.gr (about 30 EUR).

3) May I suggest you have a look at this site, they have an incredible online tool named « lexiscope » free on charge. This tool can get you the base form of almost any derived word form, for example from “ηρηες” you get “έρχομαι” which is what you really need to look in a dictionary. I hope this tool will soon be available commercially: I use it a lot, and they recently put a limit on the number of request per day a single user can make.

Best regards