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discussion fora
by Guest User - Saturday, 13 November 2004, 05:14 AM
  Subscribing to "Discussion Forum for Lesson xxx" does not seem to work.

If a subscribe to a forum, I do not receive email notifications when items are added to the forum.

Also, the "Recent Activity/New Forum Posts" on the home page does not seem to scan the forums for lessons, only the general forums. The "Search Forums" option only searches the general forums.

This makes it difficult to know when a new post or reply is added to any of the lesson forums. To check whether any new posts have been added for course 101, for example, means trawling through 15 forums.

This is probably why the lesson forums as so thinly populated .... they are very difficult to use.

A great site, but is it possible to improve this area of it?
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Re: discussion fora
by Karin Petersen - Sunday, 21 November 2004, 06:03 AM
  I agree, Stuart! Your suggestions are great, they're just what I miss on this site! It takes forever to go through all the discussion fora to see if there's anything new. Which means that I don't do it every time I log in here, and I suppose that I'm not the only one. The result of this is that people asking questions in another forum than the one belonging to lesson 001 may not get any answers.