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Handwriting / Manuscript
by Guest User - Friday, 22 April 2005, 01:49 AM
  As when I first began studying Russian with a similar guide, I'm running into some questions about how letters should be connected and how they should all look together when writing Greek. The guide to handwriting already available is quite helpful, but it would be very much more helpful to have even a small amount of handwritten Greek in full sentences, or at least full words. This needn't be done for each lesson, but perhaps a paragraph could be thrown into one of the lessons early on.

Note that I only began today, and have only gotten through two lessons, so it's possible that this exists and I simply haven't happened upon it yet. I expect, though, that it would have been at the beginning with the handwriting chart.

Thank you. While I'm writing, I'd like to note that this is by far the best online language learning site I've seen (and I've seen many). Good work.
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Re: Handwriting / Manuscript
by Guest User - Tuesday, 26 April 2005, 03:36 AM
  If you do a Google search on 'Greek handwriting', you'll find examples of actual greek script. e.g.: http://ellinikasimera.dartmouth.edu/resources/texts/shapes1.html

It's a v good course, isn't it?

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Re: Handwriting / Manuscript
by Greg Brush - Tuesday, 26 April 2005, 12:01 PM
  This is a good reference to see various styles of Greek handwriting. Note, however, that all the samples use the old polytonic system of accents (2 breathing marks and 3 accent marks), which was replaced in 1976 by the one-accent system (no breathing marks, 1 accent) in use today. For further info, see the "The One Accent System" section of Lesson 1,

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