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Re: Απάντηση: greek
by Guest User - Monday, 5 June 2006, 07:50 AM
  Ελα ρε μωρό, φέρε κάτι που να πίνεται, και ψωμί αν μπορείς!
Come on baby, bring something that is dringable, and bread if you can .
It is obvious to me that the is Cypriot Greek.
Therefore , one that does not know the difference between the mainland and the Cypriot dialect, can easily be confused.
* n is missing here.
1 Pinomai I'm being drung
2 Pinesai You are being drung
3 Pinetai He/she/it is being drung ( in the daily speach=dringable )

While we are here, let's talk about the "ρε"
Τo simplyfy it as much as possible, think of it as "you" and you play safe. It has originated from the word Μωρός= Fool
It is the second half of the Mωρέ,=ρέ. Over the years though, it has changed meaning, and it doesn't have any relationship with the word fool at all. It rather belongs the "accepted" slang.
I hope this helps a bit.