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Re: Help With Translation
by Guest User - Wednesday, 10 May 2006, 01:59 PM

Let's see how to translate "Gaidoura!"

Well, verbatim it means female donkey smile It is used to show that someone is kind of selfish and/or not attentive enough. It is most oftenly used in a jesting manner as it is here (in a very obvious way may I add)

So, here's the translation

"You ...! You haven't called me once (you haven't made me even one telephone call). Shame on you... I tried to call you 200 times and once I caught you and you were very busy. You are ????
(Palikari means 'lad' It is also used to indicate that someone is brave and/or upright. I just can't translate it in this context. It obviously means the second but it doesn't seem to fit with his/her upbraiding you)

I just saw your page [you are a lier because when I asked you, you didn't tell me (about it) and you were telling me that you don't know if it will happen (if sth will happen)... but it doesn't matter. You can tell me (unless it's a question in which case it's a slightly wrong "can you tell me")