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Re: Translation help please
by Guest User - Wednesday, 25 October 2006, 11:18 PM
  1)Kalomathes me thn Americana. Tha synithiseis h tha vreis ginaika

So you are getting use to the american girl, are you going to continue or will you find a real woman.

2) ego leo na vro mia sta grigora - gnorisa mia last week kai tin ida xthes ligo einai 22 mikroula.. oxi poli oraia alla mou aresei exei kati! leo na to kinigiso. Ennoitai!

I am also thinking about finding one quickly, I met one last week, I saw her yesturday for a little she is 22 nice and young smile she is not very good looking but she has something I like (a ***), I am thinking about going after it. obviously!