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Totally free program
by Guest User - Wednesday, 28 February 2007, 07:25 AM
  I have been using Teach 2000 for a few months now and it is excellent for helping to learn vocabulary and testing yourself.
Most of the vocabulary lists provided by Rebecca can be copied and pasted into it.
It has a flash card mode typing mode also space invaders type practice .
It is a full version totally free no spyware or addware. Can be used not only for greek but other subjects as well.

Download it here

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Re: Totally free program
by Guest User - Saturday, 3 March 2007, 06:12 AM
  Dear Jill,

I looked at the program you mentioned . Could you please explain shortly how to use it.

Thank you in advance,
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Re: Totally free program
by Guest User - Saturday, 3 March 2007, 03:03 PM
  Hi Lena

launch the program and select simple input mode on the drop down menu at the top
copy what i have put here and paste it into the box that says create and/or edit the questions and answers

(seperate the two words by using tab on your keyboard as i have noticed they are not seperated after posting here)

το αυτοκίνητο the car
το βάζο the vase
το βιβλίο the book
το βράδυ the evening
το γάλα the milk

then click on the down button and you see the vocabulary moves down.

right click on the bottom area and select swap all questions and answers this is because you need to have your native language word listed first

if you want to add pictures to the words
say you have a picture of a vase on your pc
you click on the box under picture and a little square appears in the box
click on it and go to where you have the picture of your vase and it puts it in

Click on file at the top and click save as and name the list and choose where to save it on your pc

then click on the test button at the top

you then see the question in english and you type the greek answer in the answer box

if you are using words that you are unsure of

select flashcard quiz from the type dropdown menu

a box pops up and you select how long to give yourself to think of the word before it shows you the answer

As you get used to it you can then copy and paste Rebecca's vocab lists into it. Some lists may need a bit of tweaking but you will soon learn how to do this by using the program

Compatable Lists will probably be added later here and on Rebecca's site as more people start to use it


its as easy as that
hope you find it as useful as I have

Any problems get back to me


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Re: Totally free program
by Guest User - Sunday, 4 March 2007, 04:33 AM
  Hi Lena

I will try to upload my teach vocab file for lesson 1. you should then be able to use this without any copying and pasting.
let me know if it works ok

What lesson are you on at present. If I have the files then i will pin them here.