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by C Καλγβας - Friday, 23 March 2007, 05:57 PM
  I find two spellings for the word " poor".

In μαδημα 22 it is spelled φτωχες.
Ιn μαδημα 16 it is spelled πτωχος.

Which is correct? Is there some other explaination?
Thanks CC
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Re: Poor
by Greg Brush - Saturday, 24 March 2007, 01:51 AM
  The standard demotic spelling is now φτωχός; πτωχός is the older pronunciation and spelling going back to the ancient/classical language.

You should learn this adjective as φτωχός, -ή, -ό. Just be aware that you may see it spelled as πτωχός, -ή, -ό in older written material or in more formal contemporary writing.

Greg Brush
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Re: Poor
by Guest User - Wednesday, 28 March 2007, 10:03 PM
  I would agree with Greg, with a couple of clarifications/notes.

(1) These differences are common in many words and you will see a pattern after awhile. They are sometimes regional, as well, not just old versus new. One example that is similar to this is the word "seven," it can be: επτά or εφτά. So those two letters are often interchanged. Also, Θ and Τ, as in φθηνός or φτηνός. There are TONS of things like this.

(2) You have to be aware of πτωχός for learning related words. For example, we say "πτωχεύω" (to go bankrupt), but we say "φτωχαίνω" (to become poor or to empoverish). I have never seen the letters changed on these.

Hope this wasn't too much info...
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Re: Poor
by C Καλγβας - Friday, 6 April 2007, 04:56 PM
  Thanks to both for your reply. It was not to much. CC
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Απάντηση: Poor
by Guest User - Thursday, 26 July 2007, 12:08 AM
  also for φτωχες , dependind if it is spelt with the accent on φτώχες this means POORNESSES lol