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Re: Στο παρά πέντε
by Guest User - Tuesday, 17 April 2007, 04:09 PM
  Wow! That's an undeserved compliment but thanks anyway (I'm a sucker for compliments whether I merit them or not so keep 'em comin'!" smile

No, I've never lived abroad (bar almost a year while I studied in Edinburgh) although I'll be probably be moving to the US (and you already know the reason :D ).

I've studied English both formally and "informally" since I simply love this language although what with my frequent typos, "Greekicisms" (open/close the light for example; I just cannot seem to switch it on and off but there you go :D )and all it may not seem obvious.

If nothing else you just cannot beat the English language when it comes to puns and I simply adore puns (bad or good it doesn't matter, just as long as they make me a) laugh b) groan c) groan and laugh [see e.g. the comic B.C.or non-sequitur])

The "kaipende" mistake is all too normal if you ask me. The way we pronounce it I mean, it does sound as if it's one word.