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Re: greek abbreviations ...
by Guest User - Wednesday, 6 June 2007, 10:08 PM
  Yes, you are right (sorry, I didn't use the right "o"...I should be more careful when phoneticizing). There is a whole discussion on this under the "Re" thread that I started and Theodore (a Greek from Greece talks about it). I am Greek-American, so...

As for the English, I am not so sure. "F*** you" is more like a shorted form of "I f*** you." If it were a command, it would have to be "f*** yourself" (which is also quite popular, though non-sensical somewhat).

Note, it is not always used as something so bad. In fact, on Greek TV it doesn't even get bleeped when used like this:

"Gamwto! Ksexasa ta kleidia mou sto grafeio!"
(Damn it! I forgot my keys at the office!)

See the "re" discussion for more about this...

Also, I am not sure why it's spelled together as one word. It's unusual for Greek grammar, but it usually is.