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Gender of λεωφόρος (-ος ending)
by Szabolcs Horvát - Thursday, 25 June 2009, 06:17 PM
  A different audio course I worked with used the word λεωφόρος with the article η. However, the word ends in -ος, which I thought indicated the masculine gender.

What is the gender of λεωφόρος? Are there declinable feminine nouns ending in -ος instead of -η or -α?

(Also, does anyone know of a free online dictionary that has grammatical info such as the gender of nouns?)
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Re: Gender of λεωφόρος (-ος ending)
by Greg Brush - Friday, 26 June 2009, 02:46 PM
  While the vast majority of nouns ending in -ος are indeed masculine, there are a small number of feminine and neuter nouns ending in -ος as well (fewer than 100 each, apart from the feminine names of islands or a few countries and cities), and λεωφόρος is one of the feminines: η λεωφόρος.

The masculines and feminines are inflected identically, while neuter nouns in -ος like το μέρος (L15) fall into a different inflectional category, which will be formally introduced in Lesson 79.

A few of the commonly used feminines are:
η άμμος (L76) = sand
η νήσος (L101) = island
η νόσος = disease
η οδός = road
  η είσοδος (L65) = entrance
  η έξοδος (L65) = exit
  η μέθοδος = method
  η πρόοδος = progress
η σορός = corpse, (dead) body
η τάφρος = ditch, trench
η ψύφος = vote

As to an online dictionary with grammatical info, I use the Triantafyllidis at:
While its entries are entirely in Greek, the pertinent grammatical info is right at the beginning of each entry in standard Greek notation.

There's also NeuroLingo's site which shows the Greek inflected forms for a given word, as well as basic grammatical info for the word in question:
On NeuroLingo, the appropriate abbreviations for your purposes are:
ουσ. (το ουσιαστικό) = noun
αρσ. (αρσενικό) = masculine
θηλ. (θηλυκό) = feminine
ουδ. (ουδέτερο) = neuter

Greg Brush
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Re: Gender of λεωφόρος (-ος ending)
by Szabolcs Horvát - Saturday, 27 June 2009, 03:09 AM
  Thank you for the detailed reply, Greg!