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How are you?
by Guest User - Wednesday, 4 February 2004, 09:21 AM
  How do you say that in Greek and how would one answer?
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Re: How are you?
by Alvaro Enrique - Thursday, 5 February 2004, 12:54 PM
  Hello Elaine
Regarding your question, to say this:
Hello, how are you?
Very well, thank you, and you?
So do I.

You say it this way:

Ia su, ti kanis?
Poli kala, efcharisto, ki esi
Ki ego.
Regarding the question about audio, no idea, it does not work to me either.
Hope the dialog helps you.


P.S.: More text
My name is Eleni, what's your name?
My name is ....

Do you speak Greek?
No, I don't.
Yes, I do.

Me lene Eleni, pos se lene?
Me lene .....

Milas Ellinika?
Oxi, den milao
Nai, milao Ellinika
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Re: How are you?
by Guest User - Friday, 6 February 2004, 09:37 AM
  Thank you.
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Re: How are you?
by Guest User - Friday, 12 March 2004, 04:51 PM
  Ok, for someone you have met for maybe the first time, and you didn't know them, you would use τί κάνετε, which is formal or also for more than one person
τί κάνεις is the same except singular/little less formal

If you became a little more farmiliar with (a) person(s), then you wouldn't be so formal, and would use πώς είστε for plural or a little more polite, πώς είσαι is less informal/singular

Είστε καλά would be acceptable to a friend you know very well, or a member of family, and is plural, the singular of this which is very informal and slang like is είσαι καλά.

For the replies, μιά χαρά would be the reply to τί κάνετε/εις meaning fine or well, the word well or fine for the others would be less formal (πολύ) καλά (very) well would be the one to use. Έτσι κ'έτσι is so so, άσχα is bad!

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Re: How are you?
by Guest User - Tuesday, 8 June 2004, 01:49 PM
  hey Leon..as I see you are a master of the communication skills..I work with greeks,every day, millions of them..please, when you have time and possibility share some more of your knowledge..I am stuck up with the lessons..I cannot receive the audio and I hardly understand how to pronounce the words..the way you write them in english makes learning quite easy.. thanks smile