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Resources: Verbs in detail & songs as a learning tool
by Arshak Davidian - Sunday, 14 March 2010, 05:59 PM

Dear kypros.org students,

I came over a very good website on modern Greek verbs. I strongly recommend you to visit it. I'm sure it will soon become handy when you advance in your lessons.


What I did was to copy-paste all the pages in a Word file to have it at hand... needs patience.

Also, I strongly recommend you learn Greek songs as part of your training. It helps to adapt your ears...

Here's another website where you can find the texts of almost all songs on the net


It's just marvelous when you have to go through a dictionary word by word and also the verbs file I mentioned above (to fix the tense of the verb) and then find yourself that you have learnt some 10-20 new words in the course and you have learnt the song... Be careful though, some words in the lyrics may be a bit different than the language you are being taught... poets do strange things sometimes...

I'm attaching a couple of files with the texts of over 40 songs. You can just copy-paste the title in the YouTube search engine and there you go...

If you want to find the text of other songs on stixoi.info just write the name of the song (in Greek) in your search engine (I use Google) in the following manner:

<song title in Greek> site:www.stixoi.info

You may get a few links as there may be several songs with the same name. You have just to open them all and follow the song with the text to identify what you need.

Good luck!

Arshak Davidian

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Re: Resources: Verbs in detail & songs as a learning tool
by Szabolcs Horvát - Sunday, 14 March 2010, 07:33 PM
  If you like songs, you'll find this webpage useful:

Τραγοθδώ Ελληνικά

It's a set of study materials and exercises centred around songs.

If you have trouble navigating the site, here's the download page for the study materials.

There are other useful resources too at ΕΛΕΑ