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Re: Feelings towards this community
by Dan Mirescu - Sunday, 29 March 2015, 02:29 AM
  It's been more than 4 years since I wrote that message and here I am, back again. A short while after I posted that, I got hired. Meanwhile, I finished college and now I'm on my third workplace. Unfortunately, I haven't visited Greece since then, but I still live with very fine memories from my two times there.

In time, learning Greek did not seem that practical to me, especially when I hit some lessons in Greek 203 with some words getting hard to remember. Being entirely sincere, it's still not practical for me. But you know that sometimes you don't do what's practical, you just do what it feels good.

Recently, I started asking myself what activities, what ambitions, and what dreams were driving me some years ago when I was still in college. Learning Greek on this site was one of those things that kept me passionate. These days, while browsing this site, I was very happy to see it still "going strong". I'm still amazed at the dedication of some community members in helping others. And I feel that bits from that passion are coming back to me now.

Internet communities are these days very "colourful", and not in a good way. I frequently feel overwhelmed by them. Therefore, it's so refreshing to see a focused community like this one, on LGO, made from very diverse people, driven and united by the passion to learn Greek. Many times it was the community here which made me continue to learn Greek.

Recently I reestablished a contact with a great-aunt who moved to Crete many years ago and there is a good chance I will go there to visit her this year. Now that's a good excuse to resume Greek lessons. smile

Hopefully, my quest of 7 years (by now, I think) will reach the final lesson some time in the future.

Happy learning, everyone!

PS. Thanks to Greg for keeping his promise on something smile