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husband and wife
by George McEwan - Saturday, 7 April 2012, 03:13 PM
  Whilst trying to learn Greek from different sources, certain discrepancies seem to arise. What is the correct term for a husband or wife?

γιναικα, ανδρασ, σιζιγο (please forgive the spelling)
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Re: husband and wife
by Jonathan Ridgway - Sunday, 8 April 2012, 08:51 AM
  Wife - η γυναίκα
Husband - Ο σύζυγος
My husband - ο άντρας μου

ο άντρας is used a lot more than Ο σύζυγος, but they are both correct.

personally if you are like me a relative beginner then stick with ο άντρας for now, and don't forget the article, it is used when speaking.

I hope this helps.
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Re: husband and wife
by Greg Brush - Sunday, 8 April 2012, 01:52 PM
  ο/η σύζυγος is equivalent to English "spouse":
ο σύζυγος = male spouse; η σύζυγος = female spouse
ο σύζυγός μου = my [male] spouse (i.e., my husband)
η σύζυγός μου = my [female] spouse, (i.e., my wife)

As Jonathan suggests, use ο άντρας (or άνδρας) for "husband", use η γυναίκα for "wife":
ο άντρας μου = my husband
η γυναίκα μου = my wife

Greg Brush