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Re: Subjunctive
by Greg Brush - Monday, 7 May 2012, 02:25 AM
  Uh-h-h, yes, it makes a difference:
Τι καλά που θα ήταν να μην την έβρισκα εκεί ... = How good it would be that I didn't find her here ... -or- How good it would be for me not to find her here ...

However, some of this misunderstanding is my fault, since without the expressed object την, I mistakenly took the sense of the verb βρίσκω here to be middle, "I found myself, I was located (at)". However, active voice βρίσκω actually means "I find (something)". In any event, imperfect έβρισκα is still not subjunctive.

Greg Brush