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Τούτος, αυτό, τούτες, αυτές
by TImon Rossolimos - Wednesday, 2 March 2016, 05:11 PM
  What are the differences between these words for "this" and "these".





Which are more commonly used in modern Greek?

Thank you in advance
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Re: Τούτος, αυτό, τούτες, αυτές
by Dimitri Chasso - Thursday, 3 March 2016, 06:06 AM
  My one friend also had a similar comment...

you must have read my mind. I was looking at some of these words this morning.

My next question was going to be why do we say Έτούτο Έτούτες Έτούτη Έτούτης sometimes is it because we are referring to this word in past tense.

Demonstrative pronouns point out obj persons

αύτά These (N) Pl
αύτές These (F) Pl
αύτή This (F) Sg
αύτό This (N) Sg
αύτοί These (M)Pl
Αύτός This (M) Sg
Έκείνα Those (N) Pl
Έκείνες Those (F) Pl
Έκείνη That (F) Sg
Έκείνο That ( N) Sg
Έκείνοι Those (M) Pl
Έκείνος That (M) Sg
τέτιοια Such (f) Demonstrative Pn
τέτιοιο Such (N) Demonstrative Pn
τέτιοιος Such (m) Demonstrative Pn
τόση so much (f) Demonstrative Pn
τόσο So much (N) Demonstrative Pn
τόσος so much (m) Demonstrative Pn
τούτη This (f) Demonstrative Pn
τούτο This (N) Demonstrative Pn
τούτος This (m) Demonstrative Pn.

In my lesson yesterday it mentions that we use the αύτά words to clarify in a sentence were we are using the verb but we need to make it clear who or what we are talking about or to emphasise.

I am guessing that it is all in the word order and context. for example Τούτη τη φορά, μιλάμε για αγώνα κυπέλλου,

This time we speak for of cup match i.e. football
πέρα από αυτός

Apart from this or literally beyond of this, which you could also say I guess instead of 'Ασε κατά μέρος τα προβλήματα let aside these problems which I was asking about in another conversation.
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Απάντηση: Τούτος, αυτό, τούτες, αυτές
by Panagiotis Kosmas - Thursday, 3 March 2016, 11:30 AM
  Hi Timon,

In Greek we use the pronoun αυτός (masculine), αυτή (feminine), αυτό (neutral). See here αυτός:

We don't use τουτος (only in some dialects of greek language, e.g. cypriot).

Generally αυτός, αυτή, αυτό (= this) and αυτοί, αυτές, αυτά (= these). Keep in mind that in greek we have three genders, so the pronoun depends of the following word.