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Re: Question on Chapter 13
by Greg Brush - Thursday, 3 May 2018, 12:23 PM
  Yes, this is "acceptable". In colloquial speech and writing the preposition+article is often omitted, especially with verbs indicating or implying motion:
γυρίζω σπιτι. = I'm returning home.
πάω σπίτι. = I'm going home.
επιστρέφω Τουρκία. = I'm going back to Turkey. -or- I'm returning to Turkey.
μένουμε Κύπρο. = We're staying on Cyprus.
πάμε ταξίδι (L23). = Let's go on a trip. -or- Let's take a trip.
πάμε εκδρομή (L46). = Let's go on an outing.
πάει φυλακή. = He's going to jail.

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