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expressions in Greek
by Guest User - Friday, 1 October 2004, 09:15 AM
Does anybody know whether there is an equivalent to these expressions in Greek, to refer to somebody who seems completely crazy, acts strangely or doesn't think sensibly? I've found "Not firing on all cylinders" and "Be out to lunch"
Please help!
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Απάντηση: expressions in Greek
by Guest User - Thursday, 1 February 2007, 02:18 AM
  Το 'χει χαμένο - He's lost it (reffering to his mind)

Χάνει λάδια - He's loosing oil (like the engines loosing oil)

To 'καψε - He's burned it (like electric devices who get burned)

Δεν πάει καλά - He's not going well (refferance to clocks - means more like he's out of tune)

You can use these expressions to describe such a person in an informal/friendly way or also to express your annoyance to someone who's "bugging" you.

eg. Ο παππούς το'χει χαμένο (the old man has lost it)

eg. Ο τύπος χάνει λάδια (that fellow is loosing oil)


eg. Δεν πας καθόλου καλά!Ηρέμησε! (You're not going well at all! Relax!)

eg. Είσαι σοβαρός?Το'χεις κάψει μου φαίνεται! (Are you serious?I think you've burned it!)