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The first attempt to create a COOP in Lapithos was made with the initiative of Christophoros Demetriades from Ayios Theodoros, Lapithos. The first COOP began operations in 1913. Due to hardships from the establishment, and the people that lent money on high interests, the first attempt failed and the first COOP ceased operations after 3 years. Another attempt by Polydoros Konstantinides 12 years later also failed, after 9 years in operations. In 1937 the British administration encouraged the creation of the first COOP to protect the producers from High-Interest rates from rich people. Again this attempt found the steady resistance of the estsablishment. In 1937, with the initiative of Odysseas Ellinopoulos, Christophoros Taliadoros, Demos Kalliades, Athanasis Kyriakides, and Polycarpos Michakellides goes to Nicosia and meets the British Head of COOP in Cyprus. They agree to establish a COOP with minimum of 20 members and 2 shellins minimum membership.
The first committee comprised of: Nickolas Proxenos (President), Nikos Kantis (Secretary), Dionysis Kaimakkamis, Odysseas Ellinopoulos (Member), and Costas Kaplanis (Member)

The self-own Building of Lapithos COOP in occupied Lapithos, Kyrenia.
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The main purpose for the establishment of the COOP in Lapithos was to get rid of all big Merchants and lenders that used to lend money on high-interests to the farmers and lemon producers. During the World War II, these High-Interest lenders spread-out the word that the COOP had no money, and that all money were transferred abroad, where actually the money were in Nicosia in the Central COOP Bank. They spread panic among the citizens and all went to withdraw their money. The situation was very critical, but Odysseas Ellinopoulos imediately gave 70 pounds of his own money to the secretary Sophoklis Poullis to leverage the situation. The reputation of the COOP was saved!

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Lapithos COOP soon earned the trust of all citizens and became the second biggest COOP institution in Cyprus. Lapithos COOP developed agriculture and other branches of the economy. Before the 1974 barbaric turkish invasion it had almost 1000 members. It had its own building which also incorporated "IRIS" theater, one of the best in Cyprus. It also bought a lot of land for future Tourist development.
The following people served as presidents of Lapithos COOP: Nikolas Proxenos, Costas Kaplanis, Georghios Siakides.
The following people served as secretaries of Lapithos COOP: Nikos Kantis, Sophoklis Poullis, Polykarpos Mahallekides, and Anthimos Siakides.
The following people served as members of Lapithos COOP committee: Timotheos Panayiotou (Zavallis), Savvas Sideras, Hadjisavvas Sakides, Nikos Georgiades, Costas Agathokleous, Costas Hadjilias, Savvas Christophides, Ermis Kyriakides, Charalambos Athanasi Euaggeli, Costas Philippides, Phidias Paraskeuaides, Demetris Hadjiharitou, Soteris Siakallis, et al.
Lapithos COOP employed the following people at the time of the 1974 barbaric turkish invasion: Anthimos Siakides (secretary), Andreas Mourettos, Heraklis Herakleous, Sophoula Agathokleous, and Anthoulla Agapiou.

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The planting of Lemon trees crops in Cyprus was done since the times of the Francs (French) and Venetians (Italians). At the beginning of the 20th century, the need for better organization among the producers was more than imperative since the big merchants took advantage of the producers and did not allow them to prosper and advance.This need was driven by the exports of Lemons to other countries. The producers of lemons in Lapithos realized that they had to create a company to market their products since Lapithos was the biggest producers of Lemons in Cyprus. (Lapithos 11-12 million, Karavas:5-6 mill., Ammochostos 7-8 mill., Morphou 1-1.5 million, and Lefka 7-8 million)

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In 1938, with the initiatives of Dionysios Kaimakkamis and of Demos Kalliades, the "Lapithos Lemon Producers Association" was formed. Slowly but steadily the association was embraced by all lemon producers and became very very strong. The counsiousness of this power made it possible for the producers to think directly to market their products by exporting it directly to France and England. In this way they could set their own prices, and resolve all other problems such as the delivery of all their harvest.
In 1943 all Lemon Producers met in Morphou, in order to create a PanCyprian Association to better market and promote their products. In that historic meeting the following people attended: Pol. Nikolopoulos Mayor of Morphou, Odysseas Ellinopoulos Mayor of Lapithos, D. Kaimakkamis President of Lemon Producers Association of Lapithos, A. Adamantos Mayor of Famagusta, Georghios Karaoutshis Mayor of Karavas, Ioakim Proestos President of Lemon Producers Association of Karavas, the Mayor of Lefkas, and others.
Unfortunately the British did not allow the formation of a confederation of Producers, but this was achieved 20 years later in 1962-62 with first President Phidias Paraskeuaides. The barbaric turkish invasion interrupted this prosperus future and destroyed the whole region, since now most of the lemon trees crops in Lapithos and Karavas are destroyed.

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