There are restaurants to suit every taste and every pocket. Apart from the traditional Tavernas where Cyprus mez and other local dishes are served, French, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Lebanese Arabic, Thai and Mexican restaurants can also be found on the island. The quality of food is excellent and prices are reasonable. Approximate charges for:

  1. Meze for two in a Taverna with a bottle of local wine: from C15.00
  2. Meal for two in a Restaurant with a bottle of local wine: from C18.00 Restaurant price-lists are approved by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation. A 10% service charge is added to the bill. As from 1st October 1993, V.A.T. at the standard rate of 8% is levied on all customers' bills.
    The restaurants which have been registered and classified by C.T.O. as Catering and Entertainment Tourist Establishments can be identified by a characteristic sticker (the C.T.O. emblem) which is affixed at the entrance of these establishments. Lunch is served in restaurants between 12.00 and 14.30 and dinner from 19.00 till late in the evening.
    Cypriots eat their lunch at around 13.00 hrs and dinner at around 20,30 hrs. Discos, night-clubs and other enrtainment centres, where one can enjoy an excellent meal, dance and listen to live or disco music, can be found in all towns in Cyprus. Visitors are also welcome to the local boites, where they can listen to guitar music and Greek songs, and enjoy the cosy atmosphere.

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